Doctors and nurses are being celebrated these days, and rightly so.

We have all thanked the cashiers in the supermarket for holding their line of duty, and rightly so.

Whoever does remote office work from home now while also caring for children can count on the respect of his or her colleagues, rightly so.

But we, the VDO Fleet team find: One group remains – once again – almost invisible.

They face traffic jams at the border crossings; they manage to get their trucks loaded and unloaded, even while the situation changes several times a day at their customers and at the freight companies; they are on the road while others can stay at home; they still keep their cool, even now; They are not expecting any thanks and are happy if no one honks or swears at them or avoids them.

Professional drivers are the heroes of the supply chain! And for that we would like to say: Thank you. Thanks a lot, drivers!