The new year will bring many new developments and innovations – but the transport industry will also have to prepare for several legislative changes in EU Mobility Package Here we explain what’s going to happen in Europe.



Mandatory input of country symbol


Since the beginning of the year, it has been mandatory to enter the country symbol after crossing the border. Drivers must already enter the symbol on the tachograph at the first available stop (EU 165/2014). The DTCO 4.1 will eliminate this task. Read our last article for more information on this.


Stricter cabotage regulations


As before, a maximum of three cabotage trips per week are permitted in an EU member state. However, as of 21 February 2022, the vehicle will be banned for four days in the country where the cabotage trips took place. (EC 1071/2009)

Trucks, vans and light commercial vehicles must also be returned to the company’s headquarters after eight weeks at the latest. (EC 1072/2009)


Vehicles > 2.5 t require a permit


For vehicles or towing vehicle-trailer combinations over 2.5 t, an international freight transport permit will be required from 21 May 2022 (EU 1072/2009).

You can find out more about EU Mobility Package 1 and the associated new regulations here on our web page


Fewer accidents when turning


Turn assist systems will also become compulsory on 1 July 2022, and this will apply to all trucks of a new vehicle type and all long trucks. This new regulation was introduced due to the many accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians who were easily overlooked in trucks’ blind spots. How to retrofit vehicles quickly and effectively? Read on here.

In addition to EU-wide legislative changes, individual member states have also adopted regulations or passed other legislation that affects the logistics sector: