VDO Fleet Tachograph Management

Keep track of your fleet! 


Outstanding user-friendliness – a single login for all functions, simple and self-explanatory. Automated downloads save time and money. Secure, cloud-based management of all data.

Timely reminders of legally mandated download deadlines, meaning that you never miss another download and comply with all regulations.

Automated generation of all required analyses. For instance, you can schedule the automated production of weekly reports on driver activities, infringements and plenty more besides.

The dashboard and scorecards automatically report driver issues, allowing you to avoid legal proceedings and penalties (incl. ERRU regulations). Drivers can be provided with targeted training.

Optimise your personnel planning using clear information on driver availability for the days ahead.

More efficiency thanks to digitalization

VDO Fleet Tachograph Management helps you do the following routine tasks:

Driver card and vehicle data are archived or deleted in accordance with legal requirements. Manually managed lists and cumbersome data storage are no longer necessary.

You will receive reports and statistics on driver utilisation, infringements and driving/working/rest times in accordance with European and country-specific legislation, such as national working time rules. Fulfils the requirements of EU Mobility Package I. 

Keep communication channels open and work together with your staff with digitally prepared and securely documented driver training. VDO Fleet Tachograph Management considers European driving and rest times as well as national working time regulations, including night working hours. You receive a complete evaluation of the infringement situation, which allows you to send out individual reports to your drivers on a weekly or monthly basis.

Save time and reduce risks with the VDO fine catalog service, which combines potential infringements with country-specific fines. You no longer have to match infringement reports with national fine regulations individually. After each new data download, you know the current threat of fines for your drivers and fleet.

You can efficiently make plans for either maintenance or the combination of a service appointment and tachograph calibration without the risk of clashes. The program reminds you about download dates for vehicle and driver data, renewals of driver and company cards and driver's license checks. Avoid unnecessary downtime and never miss an appointment again.

Never loose track of serious infrigements for the fleet and each driver with the help of VDO Fleet Scorecards (ERRU) service. You can immediately see whether there is a threat that limits will be exceeded and whether planning errors or the misconduct of individual drivers are the cause of the infringements.

No need for tables and manual analysis anymore. With VDO Fleet Tachograph Management, you can quickly see which drivers are often flagged in international traffic. Infringements such as forgetting to enter a country code are displayed immediately and automatically.

VDO Fleet Tachograph Management gives you up to 25 detailed reports and clear overviews of speeds, speed profiles and operational and fuel costs.

Keep your data close to hand with VDO Fleet Tachograph Management’s reminder function, which tells you when it is necessary to download driver card or vehicle data.

With the help of the Remote Download service and Remote DL4 G, you can ensure that tachograph and driver card data are downloaded automatically within legal deadlines. This eliminates the time-consuming creation and control of manual download schedules.

VDO Fleet Tachograph Management Basic

  • Master data management
  • Data transfer and download overview
  • Download archive
  • Working time functions
  • Warnings and messages
  • Comprehensive reminders
  • 18 different reports
  • + 20,000 satisfied customers

VDO Fleet Tachograph Management Advanced

  • All basic functions
  • Tachograph data management and real-time data functions
  • VDO fines catalog
  • 25 different reports
  • Infringement alerts: Display score cards for the 10 most common infringements on the dashboard
  • Driver's license check
  • Multiple locations
  • Scheduled personalized reports
  • Driver group creation possible

VDO Fleet Tachograph Management Professional

  • All basic functions
  • Tachograph data management and real-time data functions
  • VDO fines catalog
  • 25 different reports
  • Infringement alerts: Display the 10 most frequent infringements on the dashboard
  • Infringement alerts: Evaluation of infringements per driver
  • Driver's license check
  • Multiple locations
  • Scheduled personalized reports
  • Driver group creation possible
  • Extract service: Export of tachograph data to third party backend via API interface (e.g. driving and rest times)

Optimize your work results!

VDO Fleet Tachograph Live Services offers modules for fleets on the move. You receive full transparency of the position of your vehicles as well as available driving capacity for further transports. This is how we support you when it comes to coordinating and utilizing your vehicles efficiently when they are on the move. VDO Fleet Tachograph Live Services is the perfect accompaniment to VDO Fleet Tachograph Management. Plan tours more precisly, reduce waiting times at the ramp and lower the number of empty trips.



As specialists in tachographs and professional fleet management solutions, we know the value of tachograph data. You already have a telematics-enabled vehicle? Data sets from third-party providers are imported, processed and exported smoothly across all VDO Fleet Services via our intelligent interfaces. 


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