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Make calibration a breeze


  • All functions in one hand and wireless
  • Maximum mobility through wireless connection to peripheral devices
  • Complete tachograph inspection with immediate online data processing
  • Simple and digitally controlled test sequence (calibration wizard)
  • Integrated GNSS and DSRC check as well as KITAS seal number documentation especially for the new DTCO ®4.0
  • Plausibility check by clear comparison of new and old measured values immediately after measurement
  • Modular design, customizable range of functions
  • Time saving for all test operations
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Optimally equipped for the future 
The WorkshopTab 2 is the latest "all in one" solution for the § 57b inspection directly on the truck. The smart tachographs can be checked and calibrated directly on the vehicle. The software takes care of the paperwork in the background. The relevant documents are transferred from the vehicle to the printer at the push of a button. The WorkshopTab 2 not only reduces sources of error, but also the time for the checks. With the WorkshopTab 2 you are well prepared for the challenges of the coming years.


With the new calibration routine, KITAS 4.0 defined for the respective DTCO® must be tested and registered together with the respective seal during initial installation. This also ensures the traceability of the seal. With the integrated WorkshopTab camera, you can easily register the KITAS and the new seal by scanning the QR code. VDO also offers you a practical cloud solution for the corresponding documentation of KITAS 4.0 and the new seal.

The new intelligent tachograph DTCO® 4.0 uses the GNSS global satellite architecture. An appropriate GNSS calibration is required to ensure that the vehicle position can always be accuratley indicated. This calibration can be performed easily directly via the WorkshopTab. No additional equipment is necessary. If you are unable to receive a sufficiently strong signal in your workshop, we offer you the GNSS Repeater Kit, a technology that amplifies the satellite signal. This allows you to achieve optimum measurement results even in closed rooms.

The WorkshopTab and a corresponding accessory - The practical DSRC Meter from VDO - make testing the DSRC interface intergrated in the DTCO® 4.0 a breeze. The DSRC Meter simulates a check by control officiers and sends the result to your WorkshopTab. It can either be mounted permanently in your workshop or on a tripod.



The WorkshopTab 2 is the latest version of the digital helper. The device has been noticeably improved again.

  • More compact. The card slot is replaceable and integrated more deeply so that the workshop card protrudes less.
  • More robust. All impact edges made of hard rubber.
  • Larger. Screen diagonal increased by 20 % to 29.5 centimetres.Brighter. More than double the luminance.
  • Brighter. More than double the luminance.
  • Clearer. Content on the display remains visible even in direct sunlight and appearsnatural and true to colour.
  • Faster. Boots up quickly and runs more smoothly thanks to the new Intel Pentium processor.

If you already have a WorkshopTab, we offer you two attractive exchange possibilities. If you do not yet have a WorkshopTab, you can benefit from attractive conditions to purchase the device, software and licenses


We replace your old device for a reasonable initial down payment. Existing test software and licenses are transferred. During the financing period of 36 months we grant you the full guarantee on your new device.

You return your old device and pay a reduced purchase price for the new WorkshopTab 2. Existing test software and licenses will be transferred.



With the Workshop Tablet you can make any settings for the different DTCO® variants, whether OEM variant or universal device. Important: Programming DTCO® 3.0 universial devices according to the various vehicle manufacturer paramaters and setting up individual CAN data acquisition is only possible with the Workshop Tablet.

  DTCO® 1.0-1.x DTCO® 1.4-2.1 DTCO® 2.2 DTCO® 3.0 DTCO® 4.0
Calibration/ Inspection          
K-/ L-/ W-Programming          
Parameter Settings          
OEM Variant Programming          
Enhanced Programming/ Universal Devices   Universal DTCO DTCO 2.2 Service Universal DTCO CAN Services "GeoLoc" DTCO® 3.0 Service Universal DTCO® CAN Services "GeoLoc"  

DTCO® 4.0 & 4.0e Service Universal


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