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The regulations of the EU Mobility Package 1 require new control devices, the so-called 2nd version of the smart tachograph. The DTCO 4.1 fully complies with these legal requirements while retaining the familiar operating concept, so drivers hardly have to get used to anything new. For vehicles traveling internationally, this device eliminates the previous stop when crossing borders because the DTCO 4.1 automatically registers the border crossing.

The new tachograph must be installed in all newly registered vehicles over 3.5 t by August 21, 2023 at the latest. By July 2026, all commercial vehicles over 2.5 t that carry out international transports must then be equipped with the devices.


The 2nd version of the smart tachograph

  • fully complies with the amendments to EU Regulation 2016/799 as per Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/1228
  • Quickly and easily configurable via DTCO Configuration App
  • Standardized ITS interface for fleet management systems
  • Supports control and data download via Bluetooth®
  • Automatic detection of border crossings
  • Supports extended driving and rest time rules for international journeys
  • Configurable warnings according to Working Time Directive 2002/15 EC
  • Extended input time for manual supplements
  • Future-proof with the legally required update function
The 2nd version of the smart tachograph


Meets all legal requirements. Future-proof thanks to update function.

Suitable for all common professional fleet management solutions.
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Data download easier than ever before thanks to Bluetooth® interface.

RELEASE Status of the DTCO

Here you can see which DTCO model offers you which functions and which updates you may need. The version number of your DTCO can be found on the type plate (on the top of the DTCO) or on the technical data printout.

  Smart Tachograph V2 Smart Tachograph V1 Annex 1B
  DTCO® 4.1 DTCO® 4.0e DTCO® 4.0 DTCO® 3.0 DTCO® 2.2 DTCO® 2.1 DTCO® 2.0a DTCO® 2.0* DTCO® 1.4
Bluetooth® interface                  
Automatic detection of border crossings                  
Software and map updates                  
Ländervorauswahl (manueller nachtrag)                  
Working time counter                  
extended timeout for manual entry                  
DSRC and GNSS                  
Negative display                  
Configurable parameters via mobile app                  
Remote Control -  Manueller Nachtrag                  
VDO Counter                  
"Independent Motion Signal" support according to Annex 1b                  
Graphic Printouts                  
Interface for remote download and DTCO® SmartLink                  
Idle time when ignition off                  
1-Minute Rule                  
Advance warning on periodic check and map expiration                  


*Upgrade of release by workshop to release 2.1 possible.

**Must be activated with update card. (Already activated with service device)

***Must be activated with license key

DTCO 4.1 and VDO Fleet Services - the optimal ecosystem

DTCO 4.1 and VDO Fleet Services - the optimal ecosystem

With the new 2nd version smart tachograph and our VDO Fleet Services, we offer you the optimal ecosystem from a single source that supports you in legal and daily routine tasks and optimizes your processes. Use the data from the tachograph in conjunction with the data from the driver card to meet the legal requirements in national and international fleet traffic. Automate data transfer between the DTCO 4.1 and VDO Fleet Tachograph Management in conjunction with our remote download device, the Remote DL 4G, or use the telematics data for our Track & Trace solution, for example. With our Connect and Extract Services, we integrate mixed fleets into our system or offer individual data sets for your own software to give you maximum flexibility.


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