VDO Remote DL 4G Automatically save and archive data on time

It could not be easier: with VDO Remote DL 4G hardware, the download of vehicle and driver card data from the tachograph is automatic. By using an integrated SIM card, the device sends out the data in conjunction with the VDO Fleet Remote Service at individually assigned times. Thus, your driving staff does not have to worry about sending out the data, as it is being send out automatically and always on time, regardless of where in Europe the vehicle may be.


VDO Remote DL 4G

  • The transfer of memory card and driver card data takes place automatically on the road at preassigned deadlines
  • Data downloads regardless of time and place but all over Europe
  • Data is transferred quickly and securely using the 4G cellular network, backward compatible to 3G and 2G network
  • Secure connection (HTTPS) for maximal data security
  • Automatic forwarding to VDO Fleet Tachograph Management possible

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