Another aspect of compliance: using the correct tyres at the right time. In Germany, the threat of a fine of up to 120 euros plus a point in the national traffic penalty register looms if you are not compliant. However, the regulations in the different European countries are anything but consistent.


Legal obligation for winter tyres since 01.11.2022!


While winter tyres are already mandatory for lorries and buses in some European countries, in other countries, this regulation only applies from 15.11.2022. In other countries, winter tyres are not compulsory, but snow chains must be kept in the vehicle. In addition, different countries class different tyres as winter tyres or have different specifications on which axles (steering axle, drive axle) have to have this type of tyre.


Clear as mud! Who needs 3PMSF, POR or spike tyres, and where? What tread depth is specified, and where?


An overview of the correct tyres


Choosing the correct tyre at the right time is anything but simple. This is no surprise on a continent with three large climate zones and extremely varying weather conditions. Just like every year, Continental is ready to help and has now published an overview of winter tyres in 2022/23 for 39 European countries.


You will find useful guidance here


And the good news? You can rest easy if you already have last year’s overview. The regulations in Europe have not changed in the last year.