Digitalisation is progressing inside the transport and logistics sector. Trucks will be equipped with more data-generating hardware and data transmission technology is becoming increasingly versatile in the future. The intelligent tachograph, which will be obligatory for newly registered vehicles from June 2019, which is a significant milestone on this road. With fleet management software, data records can be read out and transformed into relevant information for management. Better decisions can be taken for the entire fleet and thus potentials for more efficiency can be leveraged based on this information.


Unused potential in mixed fleets

Of course, many commercial vehicle manufacturers offer good software solutions for this purpose. In practice, however, mixed fleets still dominate. As a result, fleet managers do not have a common solution for all vehicles. Access to the comprehensive modern fleet management based on uniform and professional software remains difficult.


The uniform handling of data

To solve this problem, VDO provides the TIS-Web® Connect interface. With TIS-Web®, data for all vehicles can be transferred to the TIS-Web® cloud, regardless of brand or model. The data is issued as consolidated information to the universally applicable fleet management program TIS-Web®. Compatibility problems are unlikely because TIS-Web® Connect is available as both a REST- and SOAP-based programming interface. And even individual requirements can be developed and reliably implemented in collaboration with experts from VDO.

This topic will become more relevant than ever with the introduction of intelligent tachographs on the market according to the new EU regulation in 2019, which will be embedded in a network of state-of-the-art communication and sensor technologies. The data packages (Trusted Data) obtained can significantly increase the added value within the company if the data exchange takes place by a uniform fleet management system.


Open Data for creative approaches

However, VDO does not limit itself to transfer data exclusively to its own software. The company is also interested in the aspect of innovation, which results from the combination of different data in completely new possibilities of use. The TIS-Web® Extract interface also allows third-party software to extract and evaluate specific data records from the TIS-Web® Cloud. The ability to draw conclusions from this data and use them for further digital intermediate products can be a key competitive factor. The “reverse” interface is not only intended to make it easier for payroll or payroll accounting systems to access relevant data. TIS-Web® Extract also promotes new, creative approaches for the industry. The authorized access to the “data resources” enables innovative companies, start-ups or supervisory authorities to develop individual or even completely new telematics services.

With both interfaces TIS-Web® Connect and TIS-Web® Extract, VDO not only offers partnership-based access to optimised data economy. In an industry that will be exposed to increasing cost pressure not least due to the imminent toll increases, the company is taking the right step towards digitisation and towards greater efficiency.