Driving and Rest Times at a glance

Easily understand the driving and rest times. In this white paper we explain you the most important aspects of the complex driving and rest time legislation. The changes in legislation and the various special regulations make it very difficult to keep everything in check and avoid mistakes.



White Paper: UPDATE Easily understand the driving and rest times.

We would like to help you keep an overview and explain in an understandable way the complex legislation.

So we answer the most frequently asked questions our customers struggle with:

  • What is the maximum number of hours you can work?
  • How can the mandatory break every 4.5 hours of driving be split?
  • How should you manage your daily rest?
  • How should you manage your weekly rest?
  • How should driving be managed in Tandem?

Further we explain you the important changes to driving and rest times in force from August 2020.