Virtual Roadshow „EU Mobility Package I + Smart Tachograph Version 2”


Virtual Roadshow Virtual Roadshow „Mobility Package I + Smart Tachograph Version 2”

In our roadshow, which took place on June 1, 2022, informed you about regulations and changes that affect all fleet companies performing cross-border traffic.

Here you can watch the event without time pressure and in peace and quiet.

Our experts Matthias Kliché and Timo Ketterer will provide you with details on the Smart Tachograph Version 2, relevant retrofitting dates and services related to the Smart Tacho and how to comply with the complex regulations.

We were particularly pleased about the contribution by Goetz Bopp, consultant for compliance management and expert on social regulations. Mr. Bopp goes into changes in social legislation such as posting of workers directive, the obligation to return and driving and rest times.