Imagine a fleet manager who is planing workshop services for his fleet and making all the necessary bookings for his vehicles with just a few clicks. With the help of a simple search function the workshops in Europe where the respective vehicle is currently located is easily to be found. All services can be carried out to his satisfaction. And because the work is carried out during the rest periods of his drivers, he can use hisr time to be more efficient.

And now, on the other hand, imagine a workshop operator who wants to win new customers and make optimum use of his workshop.  He sits at his computer and offers his services with just a few clicks. Services that can be found and booked by corresponding customers throughout Europe. Because all appointments are displayed clearly - and already provided with the necessary vehicle details – he can easily increase the efficiency of his workshop.

With the TruckOn online platform from VDO, this is now becoming reality. TruckOn will bring fleets and workshops together quickly and easily, in the future. "One of our main goals was to increase efficiency along the value chain through digitization. TruckOn is a win-win solution for garages and fleet operators," says Viridiana Chaveron, Product Manager of TruckOn platform. By the way, the registration on the platform is free of charge.


Efficient fleet management and simple handling.

The platform functions are as simple as a travel portal: fleet managers select the desired service, location and date online on TruckOn. Further all offers are then displayed clearly and comparably. Once the workshop has been selected, vehicle-specific details are sent in advance to the workshop so that it is optimally adjusted to the desired service. Thanks to the high level of planning reliability, fleet operators can easily combine the rest periods of their drivers with workshop stops and thus increase business efficiency.


Transparency and best services for fleets.

On the TruckOn dashboard, fleet managers always have an overview about which vehicle was in which workshop and which services and appointments are due. In addition, the workshops appointments can be evaluated online – this creates trust and gives other fleet managers an indication for selecting their workshops, especially when driving abroad.

TruckOn’s range of services is constantly being expanded by Continental and already includes more than 30 services, including tachograph testing, periodic vehicle and trailer testing as well as diagnostic and On-Board-Unit service.


New customers for workshops throughout Europe.

Small effort, big effect: With TruckOn, workshops can win new businesses, become more efficient and increase their sales. The simple system is also suitable for inexperienced users.

When a workshop has created its profile with all the services and prices it offers, they automatically appears in all TruckOn search queries – throughout Europe. Its international reach enables effective customer acquisition and long-term customer loyalty.


Higher workshop utilization with ideal overview.

Via requests and bookings the workshop is informed by e-mail and immediately receive detailed information on the respective order. This includes the brand, the year of manufacture and the required service. The calendar function on the TruckOn dashboard provides an ideal overview and a simple administration of all orders.

The offered services can be subordinated to a fixed price structure, but if required they can be designed to be flexible, e.g. with individual offers and discount campaigns for specific customers. Moreover, contract customers can also book conveniently via TruckOn. Payment for services is always made between the workshop and the customer; the workshop’s general terms and conditions are valid.


“The acceptance of TruckOn was pretty overwhelming”

The TruckOn offer will initially be launched in Germany, Italy and Spain. This will be followed by the Netherlands, Austria, France and Great Britain before the offer becomes available throughout Europe. It is already becoming apparent that TruckOn will be a great success: “The acceptance of TruckOn was quite overwhelming. When we officially presented TruckOn at the IAA this year, 300 workshops had already registered. And the number continues to rise,” reports Viridiana Chaveron.


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