Meet Legal Requirements

Meet Legal Requirements

Meet Legal Requirements

Make Recordings Using the Digital Tachograph – the Basis of Modern Fleet Management

Digital tachographs are compulsory in EU member states as well as countries covered by the AETR rules. In Germany, every vehicle used for commercial purposes that weighs more than 3.5 metric tons or has more than nine seats must be equipped with a digital tachograph. Our digital tachographs in the proven DTCO® series accurately display driver and vehicle data. They are at the heart of modern fleet management.

The seamless and proper documentation of recorded driver and vehicle data ensures that work, social and traffic regulations are complied with and helps you in the event of potential liability issues.

  • Data on driver cards must be read and archived at least every 28 days*.
  • Vehicle data must be read and archived at least every three months*.
  • The archived data must also be stored on a separate data carrier and kept for one year*.

* In accordance with Reg (EU) No. 561/2006, Reg (EEC) No. 3821/85 and Reg (EU) No. 1360/2002 and the German Regulations for Driving Personnel (FPersV) – Company Cards.

Store and Archive – Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Infrastructure

Regardless of how big your fleet is, we provide the right solution for storing and archiving your vehicle and driver data. For better orientation, we differentiate between tools for manual and automatic storage.

Automatic storage involves the transfer of driver and vehicle data via Wi-Fi or a SIM card without the need for further action. Manual storage requires you to enter the driver card or download key to be read into the device. The graphic below gives an overview of the many different options.



DTCO® 4.0

The new DTCO® 4.0 was developed for the latest market requirements of the European Union. Thanks to new architecture and an optimized design, the DTCO® 4.0 is even more powerful but consumes less energy.



DLK Download Key S family

The keys to simple mobile data downloads: easy to operate, they provide maximum data security for drivers, fleets and authorities.

DLD® Family

Data from the digital tachograph and the driver card is transferred flexibly, securely and conveniently via GPRS (mobile network) – at any time and from anywhere in Europe.

DLT Pro Download Terminal

The DLT Pro download terminal makes it possible to read and store driver and vehicle data in TIS-Web® , for example, by entering the driver card. The DLT Pro download terminal can be set up anywhere.


What’s more, our modular TIS-Web® fleet management system enables you to use this data to identify new opportunities, such as better turnaround times and higher utilization.

To ensure that your tachograph always records perfectly, comply with the legally required test intervals. What’s more, the digital tachographs in the DTCO® 1381 series automatically remind you of upcoming test dates.​

Periodic Testing


  • The proper functioning of your tachograph must be tested at least once within two years of the last test by an authorized auto repair shop.

Mandatory Inspection


  • Your tachograph must be tested if the number of electrical impulses per kilometer of travel has changed, the circumferences of the tires have changed due to tire replacement,
  • or a repair has been carried out on your DTCO® ,
  • or the registration number of the vehicle has changed,
  • or the UTC time deviates by more than 20 minutes.

We work with around 9,400 experienced and specially trained partner auto repair shops. 

The Digital Checklist – the TIS-Web® Fleet App

The TIS-Web® Fleet app guides the driver through the pre-departure checks step by step using a set of lists. The inspection report, including photos, is then transferred to head office via the app. Drivers can use the TIS-Web® Fleet app if TIS-Web® is already used at their company.

TIS-Web® is a modular fleet management system that provides a range of services for efficient fleet management – not only for drivers.

TIS-Web® Including Communicator Module

With the TIS-Web® Communicator module, you can send drivers text messages from the head office. Messages appear in their TIS-Web® Fleet app and are managed there. This allows you to know whether the driver has been able to read your message yet.

TIS-Web<sup>®</sup> Including Communicator Module

Reliable and Convenient Testing – DLT Pro VDO Download Terminal

The DLT Pro download terminal enables you to perform convenient checks on driver licenses. For this purpose, the driver’s license is equipped with a seal with an RFID chip. All the driver then needs to do is insert his or her driver’s license into the reader. By using the RFID Tag ID, references about driver and driving license could be created for example by using TIS-Web.

Optimally Manage Time Quotas – TIS-Web® Data Management

The practical software considers the respective time quotas and supports optimal scheduling. In addition, a variety of reports and evaluation options allow drivers to improve their own individual time management.

First-Hand Expertise – VDO Training

We provide appropriate training courses for drivers, fleet managers, authorities, auto repair shops, systems developers and vehicle manufacturers across the country. There you and your employees can find out about the latest technology and legal regulations.

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