Secure departure control with an app



Guarantee your fleet and your customers the correct legal inspection of your vehicles – with the fully digital solution from Continental. The CVI works with “asset and zone tags”, which are small transmitters attached to the areas to be tested in your vehicles. Your driver scans the tags, receives the correct test reports automatically and is guided step-by-step through the departure control procedure. The app then sends the data to the central web portal automatically, including any information about possible defects. Fleet managers and workshops can then evaluate these defects and include them in the next routine inspection.


“Asset and zone tags” are attached to the relevant locations to check the various vehicles and vehicle areas to be tested. When scanned, these tags communicate with the app via NFC (Near Field Communication).

Depending on the specific vehicle, the industry, and the freight, different vehicle areas and components must be checked. Your Continental partner will coordinate with you to ascertain what is necessary and useful for you.

The driver follows a predetermined test plan and schedule, ensuring that each area to be tested is sufficiently inspected. A photo function can record any damage. At any time, fleet managers can view time stamps to track which checks were carried out on the vehicle, when they were carried out and how much time the personnel spent on them. In the case of passenger transport, it’s also possible to check whether passengers or objects are still in the vehicle.

Any damage is categorised as “small” or “large”, so fleet managers can prioritise workshop appointments and not lose time unnecessarily. The app also shows when a vehicle is ready for use again.

The system also works without attached tags. Here the driver enters the checked vehicle areas in the app. New trailers or third-party containers you don’t want to equip with tags can easily be added to the app and deleted.

The software works on all standard Android and iOS smartphones.

CVI data can also be used in other IT tools, such as the damage detected, who detected it, the duration of the check, areas checked, repair status and more.

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