DTCO 4.0 overview.jpg
DTCO 4.0 overview.jpg
Karte Stecken Quadrat 400X400
Karte Stecken Quadrat 400X400

Fit for the future – safe, practical and precise


  • Proven design – modern technology
  • Fulfills all requirements of the new EU decree from 2019 onward
  • Fast and simple commissioning with “plug & play” capability
  • Automatic positioning with GNSS
  • Save more time with inspections via DSRC remote communication
  • Standardized ITS interface for fleet management systems
  • Fewer auto repair shop visits thanks to DTCO® Configuration App
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From 15/06/2019, all newly registered vehicles used for the commercial transport of goods and whose maximum authorised mass, including trailer or semi-trailer, exceeds 3.5 tonnes, and vehicles used for the transport of passengers (more than nine persons including the driver) must be equipped with the intelligent tachograph.

This has already been laid down in Regulation (EU) No 165/2014. The purpose of the regulation is to further improve road safety, ensure competition in the European internal market and prevent the manipulation of digital tachographs.




DTCO 4.0 overview.jpg

It must be possible for supervisory authorities to request encrypted items of information on the truck in operation as defined by the EU by means of a DSRC (dedicated short range communication) antenna. However, driver-related data such as driving and rest periods is not transmitted. If irregularities occur, vehicles can be stopped for an in-depth inspection.

The DTCO® 4.0 features an innovative DSRC antenna installed on the windshield. Its function has been integrated in the tachograph. Unlike standard solutions on the market, no changes to the vehicle’s electrical or electronic systems are necessary here.

The DTCO® 4.0 has a highly sensitive integrated GNSS modul with access to satellite systems such as Galileo, GPS and GLONASS.

By means of satellite-assisted position finding, the location is recorded at the start and end of the day's working hours as well as after three hours of active driving time

More than 70 different additional data records can be transferred to fleet management systems such as VDO TIS-Web® or VDO FleetVisor by means of the standardized ITS (intelligent transportation system) interface. Whether drivers have given their consent for their personal data to be passed on is also indicated in advance. This ensures transparency – not just for the inspection but also for data protection.

VDO has developed the new KITAS 4.0 motion sensor for communication between the speed sensor and the digital tachograph.

Together with the DTCO® 4.0, it constitutes a system unit and meets the very strict legal regulations thanks to the new encryption system. In addition, registering the system unit with the VDO WorkshopTab 4.0 is very easy thanks to the QR code.

DTCO 4.0 The Smart Tachograph



What makes the DTCO® 4.0 particularly special is that it is designed as a “plug & play” device. It can be easily integrated in the vehicle technology – even the plug connections are identical to the previous models. Thanks to the integrated GNSS antenna and DSRC interface, the DTCO® 4.0 does not need any additional electronics or any adjustments to the vehicle CAN bus. You simply need a passive DSRC antenna to commission the smart tachograph. This will save you time, effort and money. 

With the combination of DTCO® Configuration App and DTCO® SmartLink, your DTCO® 4.0 can also be configured very easily – many settings do not require a auto repair shop visit any longer.


The information that the DTCO® 4.0 transmits in encrypted form when a driving truck is tested has been laid down by law. If suspicions arise, the vehicle can be stopped for a more in-depth test. A fine is not automatically imposed. The following data recorded by the tachograph is transmitted:

  • Most recent attempt at a safety violation
  • Longest interruption of the power supply
  • Sensor fault
  • Data error, path and speed
  • Data conflict in vehicle movement
  • Driving without a valid card
  • Insertion of cards while driving
  • Time settings data
  • Calibration data including the date of the two most recent calibrations
  • The vehicle's official license plate number
  • Speed recorded by the tachograph

In addition to the many benefits of the DTCO® 4.0, the new EU decree subjects shipping companies and auto repair shops to new obligations.

From now on, special attention must be paid to data protection – this affects the drivers’ personal data in particular.

  • Forwarding agents must give their drivers detailed information about the rights to their data – and must do so without being asked.
  • Auto repair shops urgently require new auto repair shop cards for all vehicles. These cards must be compatible and must also work with older operating systems.
  • Supervisory authorities require new inspection cards.
  • In addition, auto repair shop employees must be trained in the test processes on the new tachographs. The VDO Academy offers you suitable courses here in using WorkshopTab 4.0.

With the launch of the new tachographs, the periodic tests are changing (Article 57b). The main changes are the DSRC test, the GNSS test as well as documentation of the sensor lead sealing.

The easiest way to inspect and calibrate the intelligent tachographs is to use the latest generation of the VDO WorkshopTab. If you already have a WorkshopTab, you can easily equip it with the DTCO® 4.0  licensing package in order to carry out periodic tests precisely and in compliance with the applicable legislation.

For the DSRC test, VDO offers you the DSRC Meter as additional hardware. It communicates with the WorkshopTab via Bluetooth.

If the GNSS test takes place in closed rooms with no or only a poor signal, you will be able to strengthen the signal using a GNSS repeater kit.


The table below shows the functions provided by each DTCO® and which updates you may
need. You will find the version number of your DTCO® on a sticker on the inside of the printer


  DTCO® 4.0 DTCO® 3.0 DTCO® 2.2 DTCO® 2.1 DTCO® 2.0a DTCO® 2.0* DTCO® 1.4 DTCO® 1.3
Graphical printouts                
Interface for remote download and DTCO® SmartLink                
Rest period, when the ignition is off                
Recording of fuel consumption via DTCO® Fuelgate                
One-minute rule                
Advance warning about regular inspections and card expiration                
Independent motion signal support                
KITAS 4.0 support for better protection against manipulation***                
VDO Counter                
GPS data with DTCO® Geoloc                
Remote control - manual entry                
Driver history                
Vehicle data                
Negative display                
Configurable parameters via mobile app                
GNSS interface and integrated GNSS antenna to determine the position***                
Standardized ITS interface for safe data exchange with fleet management systems                
DSRC interface for mobile road checks by control authorities ***                


* Upgrade of the release to Release 2.1 possible at an auto repair shop

** Must be activated using an update card (already activated for service device)

*** Complies with the new EU Regulation 165/2014. Valid from June 15, 2019




With these products, you can optimize the service portfolio of your DTCO® and take advantage of all the opportunities for modern, efficient fleet management.

DTCO® SmartLink Pro

DTCO® SmartLink Pro



Remote DL 4G

Remote DL 4G

DLK Pro Download Key S

DLK Pro Download Key S

TIS-Web® DMM 5.0

TIS-Web® DMM 5.0

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