For fast, mobile inspections


  • Mobile device in a practical cellphone format for inspection officers
  • Data from the tachographs and driver cards are read and transferred to a PC, where it can then be visualized, archived and printed using the integrated PC application
  • Simply insert the key in the six-pin port on the tachograph
  • Can be used for all 12-volt and 24-volt digital tachographs
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MOBILE AD-HOC INFRINGEMENT INSPECTIONS Perform inspection tasks more quickly and accurately

Technical inspections and monitoring the securing of loads as well as driving and rest periods are not only time-consuming tasks for the highway police. The necessary checks also result in delays for drivers.

With the DLK Pro Inspection Key, the officials assigned to these inspection tasks can check the driver and vehicle data, on the go, for infringements in accordance with Reg. (EC) No. 561/2006. Simply insert the DLK Pro Inspection Key in the digital tachograph and the data will be shown on the display.

You can also evaluate other driver and vehicle activities (driving, work and rest periods), speed values, occurrences and faults, and infringement reports using the software provided.

Moreover: The DLK Pro Inspection Key is also an archiving tool, which stores data in compliance with the legal requirements.


DLK PRO LINCENSE CARD FOR DTCO 4.0 Make your DLK Pro fit for DTCO 4.0

This new licence card have just to be inserted into the integrated card reader of the key and you are ready to download and evaluate data from the intelligent tachograph DTCO® 4.0 with its new cards in proven quality, reliability and functions.

This update process is valid for the upgrade of following DLK Pro Keys:

  • DLKPro Download Key
  • DLKPro TIS-Compact
  • DLKPro TIS-Compact (EE)
  • DLKPro Inspection Key

Simply insert the device in the front interface of the digital tachograph and it begins the data download. The driver card can also be downloaded separately using the card reader integrated in the key. You can then transfer the data to your PC via a USB port and analyze it with the software provided. The integrated SD card reader even allows you to create back-up copies of the data (additional SD card required). The data can be read directly on site on the 2.2-inch, color TFT touch display. Self-explanatory images guide you through the menu. The DLK Pro Download Key covers all the requirements of fleet managers, owner-operators and supervisory authorities.

  • The DLK Pro Inspection Key
  • USB extension cable
  • Printed quick reference guide and operating manual (digital copy on key)
  • Hand strap
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, all with latest service pack
  • Free USB interface on a PC


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