What Fleetmanagers have to consider

The legislator wants that all trucks, which are registered at or after the 15th June, are equipped with a new, so-called smart tachograph. Those tachographs facilitate a precise determination of position as well as a simplified suspicion control of the driving vehicle. Learn here, how to prepare your business and work on after the deadline.


Frequently asked questions about the DTCO 4.0

Please find information about the new functionalities here:

No - No new driver card is required.

Both generations of driver cards (G1 and G2) are compatible with the DTCO 4.0 and earlier versions


Company card

The company card remains valid until expiry date. The registration on the DTCO 4.0 remains unchanged as with the earlier digital releases.

The DTCO 4.0 asks when plugging in the driver card, whether the personal data may be used.


Data protection is ensured throughout for the driver. Only 18 of the 72 available datasets are not classified as "personal". All other data may only be given from the cockpit via the ITS interface if the driver has approved the request via the "Privacy Button".

This complies with the high security and privacy standards for the processing of personal data in accordance with EU Directive 2016/679.

No. Driving license and driver card remain separate IDs. (Information April 2019)

Via the DSRC (dedicated short-range communication) interface of the DTCO® 4.0, regulatory authorities can now retrieve vehicle data and information about security breaches while driving

  • Last attempt at a security breach
  • Longest interruption of the power supply
  • sensor fault
  • Data error way and speed
  • Data conflict vehicle movement
  • Driving without a valid map
  • Insert the card while driving
  • Time adjustment data
  • Calibration data including the date of the last two calibrations
  • License plate of the vehicle
  • Speed ​​recorded by the tachograph


A defined minimum amount of data is transmitted through the DSCR interface of the DTCO after authentication to the passing control officers or to the corresponding infrastructure such as sign gantries. Only vehicle data and information about security breaches as well as defective functions are queried.


Time-consuming inspections are only carried out in case of suspicion. There will be no "automatic punishment" due to a non-compliant data.


If there is no suspicion, drivers and truck companies save time in avoiding inspections.

The new tachograph hardware uses new encryption technology, requiring a new a Download Key DLK Pro S or you can update your existing download tool DLK Pro with a license card and an update.

Both Keys can then read both the new and old tachographs.


You can buy the download key DLK Pro S directly in our shop:

Yes. The country code must still be confirmed otherwise it is a traffic offense

Yes. The change of summer and winter time must still be done manually.

No, on the contrary. The encryption of communication between the tachograph and the KITAS 4.0, which processes the impulses for speed and distance, has been improved cryptographically. An electronic encryption method and a new sealing procedure protect against manipulation.

No. The driver will not transfer more personal information than before. In addition, you have the option to prevent them with the privacy button. You can find the list of data the control authorities see by remote reading above, under Inspections – which data can be retrieved during remote reading?

Automatic recording of position data via satellite.

The DTCO® 4.0 records the vehicle’s position data only for inspection purposes but are not transmitted to the operator.

No. Since the remote control is performed on the moving vehicle, only those showing security breaches are stopped. All others usually do not notice the control and can continue driving without being disturbed.

Yes. Every driver must be trained or instructed before operating the new smart tachographs. This is stated in Article 33 of the EU Regulation. This is the responsibility of the employer.

With the DTCO® SmartLink Pro, you can connect the DTCO with your smartphone and use the practical VDO apps.

With the VDO Driver App you can manage your personal driving and rest times as well as daily and weekly working hours.

Yes. Another requirement of the EU directive is the automatic recording of the position via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) at the start and end of the working periods and after 3 hours of accumulated driving time. Based on the amendment, this data may be used to support fleet management solutions, such as geofencing.

For this purpose, the DTCO® 4.0 uses the global satellite architecture GNNS and accesses individual satellite systems such as NAVSTAR GPS from the United States, GLONASS from the Russian Federation and the European system Galileo.

This ensures that the device has always sufficiently strong signal.

Position data is stored in the DTCO only for inspection, but is not transmitted to the employer.

No. The remote reading is only for the quick detection of security breaches. The traffic offense can still only be determined by direct personal control by the authorities.

The tachograph inspections are required every 2 years.

The time needed for the inspection depends on the vehicle, since the tested components are installed differently depending on the model. Above all, this concerns the access to the sensor.

You can view the latest version of the schedule of penalties on the website of your local  Federal Office for Goods Transport:

Update your fleet

Update your fleet

The new tachograph hasn’t only new hardware but also a new cryptographic technique. Therefore, the download tools for your fleet need to be brought up to date. This is the only way to make sure that you are able to read, archive and save your driver and vehicle data according to the law. And by the way: Investments in hardware and software for digital EG control devices get subisidised with country specific incentives e.g. Deminimis in Germany.


Easy updating Here you can see everything you have to consider


For your DLK Pro and DLK TIS-Compact Keys you just need a License Card. 
Older keys of 1st and 2nd generation are not able to download and archive data from DTCO 4.0. User of these download tools should therefore change to actual models, to fullfill the leqal requirements optimally. With the DLK Pro S and DLK PRO TIS-Compact S We offer you from May 2019 onwards the very latest  Downloadkeys.

To seemless use your Download Terminal DLT Pro also in future , please donwload and install the update from following web adress: After successful update your DLT Pro is able to archive and show the DTCO 4.0 data. Please consider that all older Downloadterminal models (Downloadterminal and DLT II) must be replaced by a VDO SmartTerminal, because those older models don't support DTCO 4.0.

Your DLD Short and Wide Range II update themselves via OTA-Update (Over-the-air) all by itself.

Professional Fleet Management Software like TIS Web® Motion or VDO FleetVisor will also be able to work with DTCO 4.0 data. Users of TIS-Web® Datamanagement 4.9 should change to version DMM 5.0. To do this please get in touch directly with us or an authorised dealer. Contact us directly or your national dealer. 

Stay up to date.

With a quick glance at the following table you can see which product needs to be updated and how the update needs to take place based on the new legislation.



Update occuring

Action required


DLK®  Pro

With update card

Purchase update card



With update card

Purchase update card 


DLD®  Short Range II

Automatically via OTA



DLD®  Wide Range II

Automatically via OTA



DLT® Downloadterminal DLT Pro

via Software-Update

Download and install update


TIS Web®  DMM 4.9

via Software-Update

Please contact us


TIS Web®  Motion

No update needed



VDO FleetVisor

No update needed



VDO WorkshopTab 4.0

No update needed*



VDO WorkshopTab

License package DTCO® 4.0*

Expand license

Training Products

DTCO Simulator 1.4. – 3.0 (Online Version***)

License package DTCO Simulator 4.0

Expand license


DTCO Simulator 1.4. – 3.0 (USB-Version) Automatically via OTA



* Need for extra Hardware to do the necessary check of the DSRC-intersection.

** WorkshopTab Lincense package DTCO® 4.0 only available in connection with a certified training and only for authorised service workshops.

*** Within the license period the DTCO simulator will be replaced automatically by a DTCO 4.0.


The smart tachograph 4.0



With the introduction of intelligent tachogrpahs by the EU regulation 165/2014 many new features has to be considered. Logistics companies and workshops  are generally obliged to train all drivers and staff in handling of digital tachographs and check it regularly. With all products and services from VDO trainers ensure, that they train according to regulations and professional – no matter, older or the newest tachographs are the topic


Legal relevant tachograph trainings comfortable out of a case

The training device DTCO 4.0 is the optimal tool for any mobile training about handling of digital tachographs tachographs. The robust construction with original connections guarantees ideal training conditions, always and everywhere: Whether during operation at driver trainings, fleet trainings or at trainings for workshops - The VDO Demo Case 4.0 makes mobile teaching even more easier.


  • For all legally relevant trainings about digital tachgraphs
  • Ideal for mobile work
  • New DTCO-Generation with DSRC and GNSS support
  • Sealing of new KITAS 2185
  • Universal area of operation thanks to additional connector strip A-D as well 24V-output interface
  • High quality material and helpfull features
  • Case for optimal protection during transport
  • Space for accessoiries
  • Additional variantes for mobile training centres with up to 4 devices available upon request

The virtual simulation of all real tachograph functions

The DTCO Simulator enables  comprehensive trainings at the screen for all digital tachograph releases DTCO 1.4 to 4.0. Driving schools can offer virtiual trainings - professional and comfortable in front of the PC.


*Upgrade to DTCO 4.0 will be done approx in June 2019. Upgrade will be done automatically. No further costs will be necessary.

The VDO Academy –Your competent partner for  training and further education about digital tachographs

The VDO Academy offers trainers, workshop personnel, drivers and companies always the right offer, to learn safe handling of digital tachographs. With authorised experienced speakers we offer on site all tasks and duties in the scope of all relevant EU rules - professional and praxis oriented. The offer of VDO Academy is also steadly being expanded.

  • Praxis oriented seminars for trainers
  • Training according EU regulation
  • Relevant knowledge direct from DTCO manufacturer
  • All important features, tasks and duties for handling with digital tachographs are being trained
  • Wide range - regular and cross country
  • Initial trainings and  refresher trainings according national regulations
  • DTCO introduction training
  • Offer will be steadly expanded



A new test process for the digital precision devices goes hand in hand with the new intelligent tachograph. For you as the auto repair shop, this means that you must install a legally compliant test environment with the necessary equipment. With a new VDO WorkshopTab 4.0 or a previous model and the license update WorkshopTab 4.0 as well as the necessary accessories, you will meet all requirements and be ready for the future.


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