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VDO WorkshopTab

"Workshop Tablet" for the first time combines all functions for a Tachograph calibration in one device.

VDO Workshop Tablet | Das VDO-Tablet zur Tachographenprüfung

VDO Workshop Tablet | Das VDO-Tablet zur Tachographenprüfung
Cooperation with Wabco Würth improve effieciency of the VDO workshop tab even more

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Shorter inspections times
  • Less equipment required
  • Exlanatory test sequences and guidance through the calibration procedure
  • Technical service information and actual data available at the working point



Inconjunction with the introduction of the DTCO® 2.2 we present the new “WorkshopTablet” to you. A modular step to cover all unique tasks to calibrate and maintain tachographs. An “All-in-one” tool for a full tachograph calibration including manipulation checks, test reports and data handling. The "WorkshopTablet" speeds up tachograph calibration by communicating vehicle and tachograph data from the workshop to the office.


  • installation and inspection of digital tachographs labour time reduced
  • Manipulation Checks
  • reporting & archiving of tachograph calibrations
  • programming of the universal DTCO® 2.2 with vehicle specific parameters
  • cable-free and robust solution for the tachograph calibration
  • compatible with all versions of VDO Digital Tachographs

For the new functionality in the DTCO 2.2 and in particular for the testing and setup of the new CAN data acquisition, the VDO WorkshopTablet is required when DTCO 2.2 universal devices are used. It is also necessary during sales drives to promote conversion to the DTCO 2.2 CAN Services.


Function - Matrix      
  DTCO 1.0-1.x DTCO 1.4-2.1 DTCO 2.2

k / l / w


Replace OEM










k / l / w


Replace OEM










k / l / w


Replace OEM

Universal DTCO










k / l / w


Replace OEM

DTCO 2.2 Service

- Universal DTCO

- CAN Services "GeoLoc"







Workshop Tab      


Workshops using Continental’s VDO Workshop Tablet will soon be able to use the multi-brand diagnostic system W.EASY of the WABCOWÜRTH Workshop Services GmbH.


Your benefits:


  • With one device tachograph calibration and  W.Easy multibrand diagnostics possible
  • Time andcost efficiency
  • Quicker and easier procedures in your Workshop
  • Always latest version with online updates
  • Benefitfrom a strong partnership between two leading commercial vehicle specialists


WabcoWürth W.EasyMehrmarken-diagnose

  • Just W.EASY incorporeates the original WABCO-system diagnostic and the original Haldex Trailer Diagnostic in one system
  • W.EASY allows in combination with the VDO WorkshopTab to work mobile via bluetooth  or WIFI without disturbing wires
  • Diagnostic for trucks, trailer, bus and transporter

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