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undefinedLegislation stipulates that digital tachographs must be inspected every two years. The VDO partner workshops are certified for this task and have the necessary technical expertise. Modern VDO test devices ensure speed and precision, so tests often take less than an hour.

There are many good reasons to have these inspections carried out by a certified VDO partner workshop:

  • The VDO name guarantees high quality with the original tachograph manufacturer’s expertise supporting all services
  • The devices and services stand for high-quality "made in Germany", as demonstrated with the VDO logo on the test report, test stickers and installation plaques
  • Customers obtain comprehensive service from one source
  • Fleet managers can be confident that their digital tachographs are fully functional and comply with all statutory requirements
  • Smooth processes and professional devices ensure quick testing so vehicles can get back on the road

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