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Fuel consumption measurement: DTCO® Fuel Gate

Ensuring fleet efficiency by measuring fuel consumption

DTCO Fuelgate

The package can be installed by specialist personnel without a subsequent check.

DTCO Fuelgate
DTCO Fuelgate
DTCO Fuelgate
DTCO Fuelgate
The fuel consumption is recorded by the DTCO and displayed in connection with the RPM.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Know: record fuel consumption and analyze this directly using tachographs or in TIS-Web
  • Inform: raise driver awareness and motivate them with objective data
  • Reduce: save fuel and ensure a competitive advantage
  • Lower your fuel costs on a lasting basis and leave the competition behind



This additional monitoring device can be used to record a vehicle's fuel consumption directly using digital tachographs (DTCO Release 1.2a or higher). Drivers can print out a report covering up to three months. Fleet managers simply analyze this data on the screen. This shows you and your drivers when and where unusually large amounts of fuel were consumed.

DTCO Fuelgate is a ready-to-install package, i.e. it can be installed by specialist personnel in vehicle work garages and fleets. A subsequent check is not necessary.

Fuel consumption analyses using TIS-Web

If you already use TIS-Web, you can prepare other informative reports on your fleet's fuel consumption. When downloading the VDO-specific additional storage, data on fuel consumption is also imported into TIS-Web (module: data management, DMM). Consumption data is made available in the "Vehicles" activity overview and in the "Status log report".

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 100 x 46 x 20 (WxDxH in mm, incl. port)
  • Output: 10 – 32 V
  • Temperature range: -40° – +70°
  • Protection class: IP50
  • Connections: CAN low (white)
  • CAN high (yellow)
  • Terminal 15 (ignition, red)
  • Terminal 31 (ground, brown)
  • Consumption/status signal (blue)
  • DTCO Fuelgate can be installed by any fleet and commissioned immediately

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