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Saving fuel

The devil is in the detail

The issue of fuel consumption is a top priority for fleets. No wonder, since these expenses represent their largest ongoing cost item. Improvements are now within grasp: we offer two solutions you can use to analyze the fuel consumption of your trucks and provide drivers with direct feedback on their driving behavior. Experience shows that a more consumption-optimized driving style significantly lowers fuel consumption.

DTCO Fuel Gate

DTCO Fuelgate and TIS-Web

Analyses for drivers and fleet managers

We have offered an additional module for a number of years that can be used to record fuel consumption directly using digital tachographs. Drivers can print this data out themselves. Consumption data is also transferred to the computer during the next data download and can be easily analyzed using TIS-Web.

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VDO FleetVisor and Driver Linc

Live coaching for drivers and analyses for fleet managers

Optimizing fuel consumption means driving in the optimal speed range and avoiding excessive acceleration and abrupt braking. The driver display shows drivers their vehicle's current fuel consumption while driving, allowing them to adjust their driving behavior accordingly. Fleet managers can analyze individual drivers' fuel consumption using VDO FleetVisor.

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