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Optimizing Vehicle Usage and Fuel Consumption

Excessive fuel consumption and poor vehicle usage – these factors are some of the biggest cost drivers in a fleet. We offer solutions that allow you to optimize both of these aspects. These savings make themselves felt particularly quickly in balance sheets for larger fleets.

Driver Linc

Saving fuel

Monitor consumption and encourage drivers to assume an economical driving style.

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TIS-Web Fleet App

Vehicle checks

A professional vehicle handover prevents unnecessary downtimes.

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Vehicle analysis

Prepare detailed reports on all relevant vehicle data, e.g. distance travelled, mileages, utilisation of the vehicle and an overview which driver has driven the vehicle.

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Vehicle Management with TIS Web®

Monitor Tire pressure as well as tire temperature in TIS-Web® .

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Tyre Control Service

Tyre Control Service

Check the state of all tyres in all trucks and trailers of your fleet.

VDO introduces the Tyre Control Service which allows transport and logistics companies to precisely monitor the state of all tyres in all trucks and trailers of their fleet.

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Tolling Belgium Fix Installation

Truck Tolling in Belgium is published. Truck Tolling in Belgium is published. Be optimal equipped and buy a fix installation!

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