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TIS-Web® Tire Starter Kit

Enhance your vehicle management with Tire information


The delivery of TIS-Web® Tire Starter Kits consists of components:

  • Bluetooth Dongle for transfer tire pressure status to TIS-Web® Mapping
  • Adapter cable for connectivity to CPC
  • Leaflet with detailed installation information 
  • Free of charge12 month access to TIS-Web® Mapping (for 1 vehicle)


CPC (Continuous Pressure Check ™) Mobile phone (Android) TIS-Web Fleet App


Investigation by Continental shows, that 90 percent of punctures are caused by gradual pressure loss, which are not recognized by drivers. To this end we have developed a new service, to be able to monitor Tire pressure as well as tire temperature in TIS-Web®.

Components of ContiPressureCheck (CPC)

The CPC - System combines the following components:

The TIS-Web® Tire starter Kit contains the CAN BT-Dongle that donwloads CPC-CAN datan from the vehicle and transmits it via Bluetooth connection to the application installed on your terminal equipment (e.g. smart phone). The Kit is integrated in the CPC system by meas of the Y-Cable (sub harness K).

TIS-Web® Tire Service

Punctures are caused in 90% of the cases by gradual pressure loss inside the tire.  With the TIS-Web® Service Tire you can lower your downtime costs by immediately recognizing this situation and causing pressure increase on time.

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