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Digital tachograph DTCO® 2.2

Next generation digital tachographs

Manual Entry at DTCO 2.2 via Fleet App

Manual Entry at DTCO 2.2 via Fleet App

Manual Entry at DTCO 2.2 via Fleet App
DTCO 2.2 with new front cover
DTCO 2.1 1-Minute-Rule
Remote Download
VDO Counter

Your advantages at a glance

  • Manual Entries can be done easily via a smartphone
  • Quicker data download time than the previous models
  • Remaining driving and rest times displayed using the VDO Counter functionality
  • Transfer of information like fuel consumption, vehicle load, engine status from vehicle electronics inside fleet management systems
  • New front panel design


The digital tachograph includes driving, working, on-call and rest periods for the driver and the front passenger and stores this information on the personal driver card. The driver can use the VDO Counter to find out when the maximum permissible driving time has been reached and how long the next break needs to be. In addition, the device records vehicle-related data such as the truck speed. Time spent travelling on ferries and trains is recorded in the calculation as rest periods. Information on calibration is also stored in the mass storage device and the driver is periodically reminded of test intervals and the remaining validity of the tachograph card.

Intelligent on-board computer and personal assistant


The remaining travel time and upcoming rest periods are displayed for the driver on the display. Thus drivers can always see how long they can remain behind the wheel, how long the subsequent break must be and how long they may continue driving after the break. You can access daily and weekly figures just by pressing a button, and you can obtain an overview of upcoming compensation times.

The VDO Counter function is a standard feature of the current DTCO 2.1 active. For older models, it can be enabled with a VDO Counter Update Card.

Under “DTCO release statuses”, you find an overview of DTCO versions.

Manual Entry

Remote HMI control – offline functionalities
As long as there is no SmartLink connection established, the remote functionality works in an “offline mode”:

  • Within the offline mode, the driver may prepare a manual entry with multiple activities that will be uploaded to the DTCO® when the connection is active and the driver card is being inserted.
  • All those prepared activities are being stored on the Smartphone.
  • There is a pre-configured manual entry that fills the period from the last card ejection with “resting” and adds x minutes as working time for the vehicle check.

Remote HMI control – manual entry
When the SmartLink connection is active and the driver has just inserted a driver card into the DTCO® then the Remote Control works in Card Insertion Mode (or Manual Entry mode).

  • There is a pre-configurated manual entry that fills the period from the last card ejection with “resting” and adds x minutes as working time for the vehicle check.
  • Add additional activities
  • Start Country can be changed


More effective driving time with the one-minute rule

Every minute counts: According to the EU 1266/2009 regulation, a tachograph minute will only be recorded as driving time on the DTCO® 2.1 active, if driving represents the longest activity within a given minute.

This is what our customers say

Spedition EffingerMichael Effinger, CEO of freight forwarders Effinger: “The one-minute rule is a blessing for the sector.” Although his trucks are primarily involved in long-distance haulage and not stop-and-go regional traffic, all the time saved adds up for the company.

"The time gained is an enormous relief for overall operations. We no longer get so close to our limits, and we don’t have to cross our fingers so often and occasionally turn a blind eye.” In a nutshell: It provides a little more flexibility in vehicle scheduling.

Extras for additional functions


undefinedDTCO 2.1 active is the latest release version of the DTCO 1381 and the first EU tachograph with GPS capability.

The GPS location of the vehicle can now also be recorded at any time thanks to an additional module. It records the route and respective locations. In this way, driving and resting locations can be determined with 1-minute accuracy.

More information on vehicle tracking (location) and tracing (route tracking)

You don't want to record the geographical data for every journey? No problem: The driver can switch the function on and off at any time.

By the way: the geographical data is downloaded in the same way as other data, either manually or via remote download using our DLD devices.

ITS ready

In the future, drivers, fleets and other road users will be networked electronically to an even greater extent. Even today, the DTCO 2.1 active is prepared for this intelligent transport system (ITS) and is therefore a secure basis for fleet management of the future.

undefinedThe DTCO SmartLink, which is available as an option, connects digital tachographs to smartphones and thus becomes the gateway for various helpful apps.

More on the DTCO SmartLink

DTCO Connect

Your key into new business opportunities with digital tachographs from VDO

With DTCO® connect we offer you an extensive package of useful data for developing customized apps for the commercial vehicle market. To customize your applications in a perfect way benefit from DTCO® connect – accessing data of VDO digital tachograph DTCO®.

DTCO® connect provides a wide range of datasets – the digital tachograph DTCO® stores 124 different datasets with driver-related information, vehicle related information and tachograph-related information. All data is available in real time so ideally usable for close to customer developed applications.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Full access to all datasets stored in the digital tachograph DTCO®
  • Possibility of totally new sales approaches
  • All round carefree package including manual, hardware and tele-support
  • Brand marketing: labelling with DTCO® and VDO logo


More information

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DTCO release statuses

Do you have an older version of the digital tachograph?

You see here which functions are supported on the different devices and which updates you may need.

 DTCO 1.3DTCO 1.4DTCO 2.0*DTCO 2.0aDTCO 2.1DTCO 2.2
Remote HMI
Driver history
Vehicle Data
GPS Data with DTCO Geoloc **
VDO Counter **
Independent motion signal support
1-minute rule
Advance warning of periodic test interval, card expiry
Graphic printouts
Remote download interface for remote download (DLD) and SmartLink ** ** ** ** ** **
Rest period with ignition off
Consumption recorded with DTCO Fuelgate

* Upgrade of the release to release 2.1 is possible via workshop
** Must be activated with an Update Card (At service device already activated)

See how you can simply check, if VDO Counter is activated or not:

Insert a valid driver card inside the card slot of the DTCO and perform the manual entry. As soon the card has been scanned completly press 3 times the "arrow down" button.

In case you see following screen inside the DTCO Display, the VDO Counter is already activated.


Case Study – CRH Transport Training Ltd


CRH Transport Training Ltd

VDO Digital Tachograph and Remote Data Downloading Device (DLD®)

  • Company Profile          
    HGV Driver Training and Transport company.  They have been in business for over 22 years.
  • Fleet Size        
    15 HGV’s
  • Business Issue    
    A requirement to make downloading quicker and easier from two different geographical locations.
  • Continental Solution
    VDO DTCO 2.1 Active, Remote DLD® with tracking and VDO TIS-Web online analysis and archiving software solution.
  • Key Benefits
    Greater efficiency of operation.

Customer Comment

“We have been extremely impressed with the VDO product range.  We believe in buying the best products for downloading data and the VDO team have fully supported us with advice on purchasing the right products that meet our needs.”
Chris Hetherington, CRH’s Managing Director


Case Study – EBB Paper


EBB Paper

VDO Digital Tachograph and Remote Data Downloading Device (DLD®)

  • Company Profile          
    Elliott Baxter & Company Limited was formed in 1922 by Alan George Elliott and today is run and owned by the third and fourth generation of Elliotts. The company has 11 state-of-the-art storage and distribution centres covering the UK, offering a huge range of paper and delivers an average of 100,000 tonnes per year.
  • Fleet Size        
    90 HGV’s
  • Business Issue    
    EBB wanted to upgrade to the latest version Digital Tachograph to gain time savings on the one minute rule and to have the ability to download data to simplify data collection.
  • Continental Solution
    VDO DTCO 2.1 Active, Remote DLD® and VDO TIS-Web online analysis and archiving software solution.
  • Key Benefits
    Greater efficiency of operation.

Customer Comment

“We need to ensure we run at optimum efficiency at all times whilst ensuring we keep our fleet fully compliant within the letter of the law. At EBB we are delighted with the VDO digital tachograph and DLD® technology as it is saving us considerable time and money.”
Andy Young, EBB Service Manager


Case Study – Network Rail


Network Rail

VDO Digital Tachograph and Remote Data Downloading Device (DLD®)

  • Company Profile          
    Network Rail maintain and develop Britain’s tracks, signalling systems, rail bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts and 18 key railway stations.
  • Fleet Size        
    A mixed fleet of 11,000 vehicles with HGV’s and LCV’s.
  • Business Issue    
    To increase fleet efficiency and take away some of the stress for the patrols.
  • Continental Solution
    VDO Digital Tachograph 2.1 Active and Remote Data Downloading (DLD®)
  • Key Benefits
    Greater efficiency in operation.

Customer Comment

“The latest technology takes away all the complexities of downloading digital tachograph data from both the Driver Card and the vehicle unit when vehicles are off site. Having vehicle based over the whole of the UK has always proved to be a problem for data collection so with remote GPRS downloading technology data is downloaded at regular intervals regardless of where the vehicle is located.”
Commented a spokesperson from Network Rail


Case Study – Stan Robinson Stafford Ltd


Stan Robinson Stafford Ltd

VDO Digital Tachograph and Remote Data Downloading Device (DLD®)

  • Company Profile          
    Stan Robinson is a national logistics company operating from four sites around the UK.
  • Fleet Size        
    160 Rigid and Artic heavy goods vehicles.
  • Business Issue    
    To increase fleet efficiency.
  • Continental Solution
    VDO Digital Tachograph 2.1 Active and Remote Data Downloading (DLD®)
  • Key Benefits
    The ability to download Tachograph and Driver Card Data anywhere in the UK, making significant time savings.

Customer Comment

“The improvements we have noticed on the fleet have been amazing: we now download our trucks anywhere in the UK with the Fleet Manager still remaining in their office. There is no vehicle downtime and no need to even see the vehicle as with touch of the button technology the data is downloaded. It makes life far easier for both the office and the driver.

Keeping our fleet efficient and legal is paramount in our business and with VDO products we feel we are reaping the benefits by using these products. The VDO Digital Tachograph also saves us time with the 1 minute rule legislation being used to our advantage so that we now have an additional 45 minutes driving per vehicle.”
Commented a spokesperson from Stan Robinson


Case Study – Teasdale Transport


Teasdale Transport

VDO Digital Tachograph

  • Company Profile          
    Teasdale Transport were established in Doncaster in 1977. Their main customer base include quarries, coal products and the glass recycling industry.
  • Fleet Size        
    16 Articulated Bulk Tippers.
  • Business Issue    
    To take full advantage of the one minute tachograph legislation.
  • Continental Solution
    VDO Digital Tachograph 2.1 Active and Remote Data Downloading (DLD®)
  • Key Benefits
    Increased deliveries and company revenue.

Customer Comment

“The VDO Digital Tachograph is making time savings of up to 45 minutes per day on our bulk tipper operations. This allows us to complete additional jobs each week increasing our workflow and revenue.”
Commented Neil Teasdale, Teasdale Transport


Additional products

We offer you various options for the mandatory download of data from the mass storage device and driver card, tailored to your individual requirements. With suitable software – e.g. TIS-Web – you can then analyses the data – and plan routes more effectively.

DLD Wide Range Ⅱ

DLD® Wide Range II

Remote download via GPRS

Download driver and vehicle data when in the office using the GPRS network when the truck is still out on the road. This allows you to analyse all the information in TIS-Web® Motion, even in real time.

Contact us
DLK Pro Download Key

Mobile download via DLK

Mobile download

The solution for small fleets: Just put the download key in the tachograph and transfer the data to a computer.

Find out more
TIS-Web Datenmanagement

TIS-Web data management

Analysing data on a PC

Comply with legislation and plan routes more efficiently: You can use the online software to store data, present it in chart form and analyse it.

Find out more
DTCO SmartLink

DTCO SmartLink

Connection to smartphones

The device sends data from the tachograph to the driver's smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth (iPhone or Android). This gives you access to many useful apps.

Find out more


  • Tachograph paper

    High-quality paper that is especially resistant to heat.

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  • VDO Counter Update Card

    You activate the VDO Counter function with this card.

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  • VDO cleaning set

    For long-term error-free analysis.

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