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TIS-Web® Card Reader

The compact chip card reader for driver cards

TIS-Web Card Reader

The compact table-top device is connected directly to the PC or laptop via USB.

TIS-Web Card Reader

Your advantages at a glance

  • To download all data from the driver and company card
  • Suitable for fleets of all sizes
  • Handy size, easy to operate
  • Connected directly to the PC or laptop via USB cable


In order to comply with statutory archiving obligations, you must copy your digital tachographs and archive all data stored on the driver cards.

This task is particularly convenient to perform with the VDO card reader: You connect the handy table-top device to your computer via USB and insert the card. The prompts in the TIS-Web software take you through the individual steps intuitively.

There is no limitation in terms of data volume. The device is suitable for both small and large fleets.

Additional products

It is very easy to analyse the stored data using TIS-Web. The user-friendly software offers numerous functions to optimise routes, driving times, capacity utilisation and fuel consumption for your fleet.

TIS-Web Datenmanagement

TIS-Web data management

Analysing data on a PC

Comply with legislation and plan routes more efficiently: You can use the online software to store data, present it in chart form and analyse it.

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