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VDO Driver App

A continuous overview of driving and rest periods

VDO Driver App

Tachograph data can be displayed on the smartphone display.

VDO Driver App
VDO Driver App

Your advantages at a glance

  • Display showing driving and rest periods, corresponding to tachograph display
  • Fast retrieval of remaining daily and weekly hours
  • Helps drivers comply with regulations on driving and working hours
  • DTCO remote control via smartphone


  • DTCO (release 1.3 or higher for remote control, release 2.0a or higher for VDO Counter) see release statuses
  • DTCO SmartLink
  • VDO Driver app
  • Smartphone (Android or iOS)


Digital tachographs are often not integrated within the driver's immediate field of vision. The VDO Driver app in combination with the DTCO SmartLink ensures that the driver can still always see his or her driving and rest periods. The digital tachograph data is sent to the app directly via the SmartLink, where it is presented exactly as it is on the tacograph display. When your tachograph has the VDO Counter function (release 2.0 or higher, can be updated), it is also possible to view remaining daily and weekly driving hours. This means that drivers can reliably comply with legal regulations without having to undertake complicated calculations.

DTCO Connect

Your key into new business opportunities with digital tachographs from VDO

With DTCO® connect we offer you an extensive package of useful data for developing customized apps for the commercial vehicle market. To customize your applications in a perfect way benefit from DTCO® connect – accessing data of VDO digital tachograph DTCO®.

DTCO® connect provides a wide range of datasets – the digital tachograph DTCO® stores 124 different datasets with driver-related information, vehicle related information and tachograph-related information. All data is available in real time so ideally usable for close to customer developed applications.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Full access to all datasets stored in the digital tachograph DTCO®
  • Possibility of totally new sales approaches
  • All round carefree package including manual, hardware and tele-support
  • Brand marketing: labelling with DTCO® and VDO logo


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