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The solution with real-time overview: VDO DriveTime and DLD® Wide Range

Optimizing driving times and routes on an ongoing basis

DLD Wide Range

Location data can be transmitted across Europe via GSM/GPRS.

DLD Wide Range
VDO DriveTime
VDO DriveTime

Your advantages at a glance

  • Use DLD Wide Range to transmit current vehicle data to VDO Drive Time via GMS/GPRS
  • Display vehicle movements on a map
  • Access driving and rest periods during the journey
  • Adjust routes on short notice
  • Minimize empty runs and detours


  • VDO Drive Time
  • DLD Wide Range  (including external GPS module supplied)
  • Optional: VDO DriveTime app

Do you already have a DLD Wide Range for remote downloads? Then add location and tracking functions to your fleet management system with VDO DriveTime. A vehicle's location and route can be viewed on a map in VDO DriveTime. Current driving and rest periods can also be viewed live. This provides all the information you need at all times, enabling you to optimize routes and further increase the efficiency of your fleet.


With the online fleet management software you can analyse vehicle locations, route movements, travel times and plenty of other data in order to optimise routes and improve the efficiency of your fleet.



VDO DriveTime offers numerous analysis functions for efficient vehicle management.

Routes travelledundefined
The analysis function provides important information for future route planning.




undefinedVehicle activities
Produce a chart to visualise your fleet’s capacity utilisation, the number of stops, idle times and other data.




Driver activitiesundefined
The driving and rest periods of your drivers are clearly displayed on a timeline.





Reports on driver working timesundefined
Perfect for calculating wages and salaries and a good basis for reducing traffic violations. The reports are easy to export for further processing.




Fuel consumption
A clear overview provides important feedback on driving style and helps to reduce fuel consumption.


Real-time functions with DLD Wide Range and Smartphone app

You can analyse additional data in real time in conjunction with the Wide Range Remote Download Device (DLD) and VDO DriveTime web application or the VDO DriveTime smartphone app.


See where your vehicles are at all times and call up other important data such as current speed or which driver is behind the wheel.






Defined driving areas and movement reports make it easy to check whether a vehicle actually travels along the specified route. This has proven to be a particularly important function for the transportation of valuable goods.




VDO DriveTime app

When out and about, this mobile application allows you to find where your vehicles and drivers are at any moment.

The app is available for iOs and Android.



Additional products

DLD Wide Range

DLD® Wide Range

Remote download via radio

Download driver and vehicle data when in the office using the GPRS network when the truck is still out on the road. This allows you to analyse all the information in VDO DriveTime, even in real time.

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VDO DriveTime App

Use a smartphone to see where your fleet is located.

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