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VDO Counter Update Card

VDO Counter Update CardOne standard feature of DTCO 2.1 active is the VDO Counter, which is used to show the driving and rest periods on the display.

For older versions, you can activate the VDO Counter using the Counter Update Card. An overview of the different release versions of the DTCO can be found here.



Records the GPS location of the vehicle. (possible from DTCO 2.1). This allows you to locate the vehicle and track its current route in combination with TIS-Web and the TIS-Web Fleet app.

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DTCO SmartLink

Your access to the world of DTCO apps. Transfer data to a mobile device using Bluetooth. (from DTCO 1.3)

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Original VDO printer paper

Original VDO printer paperQuality paper for digital tachographs.





DTCO Operating instructions

DTCO Operating instructionsPractical glove compartment instructions are available in various European languages.





Cleaning set

Cleaning set6 cleaning cards and cloths to eliminate card reading errors.





Tachograph disks

Tachograph disksAccessories for analogue tachographs.

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Tolling Belgium Fix Installation

Truck Tolling in Belgium is published. Truck Tolling in Belgium is published. Be optimal equipped and buy a fix installation!

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