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With the DTCO 2.1 active, you have selected a digital tachograph of the next generation: It satisfies all legal regulations, records all data for the driver and front-seat passenger accurately to the second and, at the same time, incorporates the one-minute rule that is so beneficial to companies.


Additional functions can also be added at any time. For instance, after the VDO Counter has been enabled, the driver can view travel and rest periods on the display during the journey. Furthermore, the digital tachograph supports DLD devices that allow you to access data from the office. The additional GeoLoc module even records the location of the vehicle.

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Do you own vehicles with analogue tachographs?

VDO Chart Analyzer

Digitise the records on tachograph disks and transfer them to a computer for further analysis. In this way, you obtain a meaningful picture of your entire fleet.

VDO Chart Analyzer and TIS-Web Scanner

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