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Digitise diagramm charts: VDO Chart Analyser & Scanner

You can now also digitise the data on your tachograph disks

VDO Chart Analyser

The Chart Analyser can also be used on the road.

VDO Chart Analyser
TIS-Web Scanner

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fast digitisation of tachograph disk data
  • Resolution of driving and rest periods, accurate down to the last minute
  • Compatible with TIS-Web
  • Very good value for money: There are no software licensing fees
  • Suitable for all EC tachograph types


Many fleets only have older vehicles that use conventional tachographs. You can now also transfer speeds, driving and rest periods and distances that have been recorded on the tachograph disks to your computer. Both devices are compatible with the TIS-Web, i.e. the data can be displayed as charts on the PC and are included in the overall analysis of your fleet.

VDO Chart Analyser







 Up to 30 tachograph disks an hour can be digitised using the handy device. The activities are approached manually via a cursor line and transferred to your PC manually by pressing a button. When doing this, you can interpret the data yourself and correct errors that may have been caused by scratches or contamination on the disk.

The Chart Analyser is connected to the computer via a PS/2 interface or a USB adapter, but it can just as easily be used in a vehicle for rapid presentation of the data.

TIS-Web Scanner







The intake scanner is ideal if you have a large number of older vehicles in your fleet. You can digitise up to 90 tachograph disks per hour on both sides and upload them to the TIS-Web automatically. The TIS-Web Scanner Client helps you to analyse the data. Faults caused by scratches or incorrect operation on the part of the driver are easy to correct. Master data for allocating the driver and vehicles are generated from TIS-Web via an interface.

Additional products

TIS-Web Datenmanagement


Analysing data on a PC

You can use web-based software to help you to archive, represent and analyse all vehicle and driver data across the board.

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