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Automatically & anywhere via GPRS: DLD® Wide Range II

New freedom with data downloads

DLD Wide Range II

Die Daten können europaweit per GSM/GPRS übertragen werden.

DLD Wide Range II
DLD Wide Range II

Your advantages at a glance

  • Wireless transfer of mass storage device and driver card data
  • Data is transmitted quickly and securely via a wireless system
  • Automatic download at specified times
  • The company card can stay in the office
  • Secure connection (https) for maximum data security
  • Automatic forwarding to TIS-Web possible


The DLD Wide Range II enables customer together with TIS-Web RTM to do the Remote Download of data from DTCO and Stoneridge tachographs via GSM/GPRS communication.

In comparison to existing DLD Wide Range the new DLD Wide Range II is based on the powerful und flexible Linux platform and already equipped with mobile communication.

Together with TIS-Web RTM it offers like the DLD Short Range II in addition to the remote download also the possibility to record GPS positions.

Further benefits:

  • Based on a powerful and flexible Linux Platform
  • Includes GSM and an internal GPS module (with external GPS antenna)
  • Additional digital inputs and other interfaces (with optional harness)
  • Integrated SIM card, communications onboard
  • Main Harness compatible with DLD-SR II
  • Linux Based with 512 MB storage, second CAN
  • prepared for future Telematics applications

This is how data transmission works

(1) The device establishes a connection between the digital tachograph and the TIS-Web RTM service.

(2) The tachograph and driver card are authenticated with the help of the company card.
Please note: You need a card reader to read the company card

Data download
(3) Secure download of drivercard and/or mass storage device data from the digital tachograph to the DLD for intermediate storage.

Data transmission
(4) The DLD Wide Range II transfers the encrypted data  via GPRS to the TIS-Web RTM Server and from there to your Office-PC.

(5) For TIS-Web DMM customers the data are transferred directly to the TIS-Web DMM server via a secure internet connection (https) and are available there for inspection and analysis.

TIS-Web RTM Benefits

  • Web based solution
  • Full control of entire system
  • No Installation on Customer Infrastructure Required (CC card hosting)
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Remote Diagnostics possibilities


  • Office PC with continuous internet connection for connection of company card
  • System software will be download by TIS-Web RTM for simple installation of Office-PC.
  • DTCO from Release 1.3 will be connected with DLD via CAN. Ask a service partner workshop for advice.
  • Power supply for the DLD via DLD main power cable or via quick installation harness (optional)

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