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VDO FleetVisor and DriverLinc

All-rounder with integrated messaging service

FleetVisor and DriverLinc

Driver-friendly message display.

FleetVisor and DriverLinc
FleetVisor and Driver Linc
FleetVisor and Driver Linc

Your advantages at a glance

  • Send messages to the driver from VDO FleetVisor
  • Drivers can see the text in front of them
  • Replies can be typed or selected from pre-formulated responses
  • Simple text input on a large touch display
  • No fees for sending messages
  • Integrated with order management in your forwarding software

VDO FleetVisor is our premium software for fleet management with an integrated messaging service and a number of other functions. Messages can be sent from the application to drivers at any time. Text messages are displayed on the OmniExpress display in the cab and are easy to read on the large screen. A small icon informs drivers that a new message has been received, even when they are viewing another display, e.g. navigation. The large touch display further simplifies driver replies with one-touch standard response options. This allows drivers to concentrate on the road. No fees are charged for messages.


VDO FleetVisor is the premium solution for efficient fleet management. TruckLinc records vehicle data that cannot be recorded by the digital tachograph. The recorded data is continuously transferred to VDO FleetVisor, a fleet management software with extensive analysis functionalities. In addition, you can support your drivers with an optional driver display that provides services such as road navigation and the ability to communicate directly with the driver.

VDO FleetVisor functions

The fleet management software offers several useful analysis functions, many in real time.

Route planningundefined

Track routes in real time and produce detailed reports on the individual routes.




Driver planningundefined

Create a precise picture of driving and rest periods, times when the speed limit is exceeded, capacity utilisation and other driver data.




Vehicle deploymentundefined

Analyse the routes travelled, fuel consumption and other vehicle data.





Remote downloadundefined

Download data from the driver card and mass storage device from the office while the vehicles are on the road. This saves valuable time because your drivers do not need to come into the office for downloading. An overview shows you when the next download is due.



undefinedVehicle maintenance

The overview shows all dates for forthcoming maintenance work. Dates that are due and overdue are specially emphasised with yellow and red highlighting.



Driver Linc functions

Truck navigationundefined

The driver display with integrated navigation system automatically calculates and shows the optimal route. Your drivers will avoid unnecessary detours and can bypass toll roads if needed. As an option, we offer a special navigation solution for trucks in order to avoid bridges and tunnels that trucks are not permitted to use. Because the route caculaction is done only on the navigation system, the routes can be recaluculated and shown even without GSM connection.



undefinedDriving and rest periods

Drivers can easily read their driving and rest periods on the large 7-inch colour display with a convenient touch screen interface.




Driver feedback

The driver display shows idling, critical braking manoeuvres and other information on driving style and therefore motivates drivers to improve their driving habits.


Message function

Easily exchange brief messages with your drivers for free.




Tyre Management

The new Tyre Control Service for DriverLinc, locates the operating conditions of the tire via sensor which is embedded in the tire. In this way the driver has an overview of the condition of the tires all the time.



undefinedHolder and casing

The portable device fits easily in the holder and can be removed to prevent theft.

The casing can resist water, vibrations and direct sunshine.

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